Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Larry Husten, Writing For Forbes, Nicely Summarizes TECOS: Lightens Merck's Januvia Load

Well, this likely just means that Merck may pick up some of the slack spooling at AZ's feet, now -- related to its Onglyza diabetes medication. But the larger issue for the Kenilworth franchise, here, is "genericization" of sitagliptin, which is leading to price erosion, globally. Still, this TECOS outcome removes a smallish overhang, for the franchise. [That is, the nearly 4 per cent leap after-hours on the NASDAQ is an over-reaction, I feel.]

Do go read all of what my buddie Larry has written -- he is spot on, here:

. . . .Late Monday afternoon Merck released the top line results of TECOS, the cardiovascular outcomes trial with its blockbuster diabetes drug Januvia (sitagliptin). The company said that the trial “achieved its primary endpoint of non-inferiority for the composite cardiovascular (CV) endpoint.” Merck announced only one additional detail: “Among secondary endpoints,” they reported, “there was no increase in hospitalization for heart failure in the sitagliptin group versus placebo.”

The FDA has been wrestling for a number of years now with the problem of the cardiovascular effects– whether positive or negative– of diabetes drugs. . . .

Earnings tomorrow, early -- buckle up! Forward, as ever. . . .

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Anonymous said...

TECOS results are a major relief, especially after the HPS2-THRIVE results.