Sunday, April 26, 2015

Condor Predicts: Double Doses -- Of Foreign Exchange Down-Bubbles, In Big Pharma -- Come Tuesday

Come Tuesday morning, both Merck and Pfizer will reveal just how much damage the strong dollar is doing -- at the revenue line -- in 2015. Last week, mini-major Baxter International flashed a six per cent negative effect, at the global sales line -- due to currencies (primarily a strengthening of the US Dollar).

I'd expect Merck's to be in line with that. So, instead of $9.11 billion in global sales, I'd look for something like $8.56 billion, in currencies adjusted sales. May turn out to be a little better than that, but not likely to be much worse. We will tune in and listen -- for certain.

I'd also look for pembrolizumab (the Anti PD-1L immune-oncology juggernaut) to be a big story. We shall see how big -- come that morning.

A bit, then from Benzinga, this morning:
. . . .Rival pharmaceutical giants Merck and Pfizer will share their results before the markets open. EstimizeTM forecasts call for EPS of $0.78 (15 estimates) and $0.51 (24 estimates), respectively. That is a year-on-year decline of more than 10 percent from each of them.

As far as revenue, the consensus forecasts have Merck posting $9.11 billion, a more than 12 percent year-on-year decrease, and Pfizer offering up $10.96 billion, or a decline of more than 5 percent. . . .

We will keep "a weather eye on the horizon for approaching squalls. . ." by which I mean foreign currencies' gyrations, mostly. Smile. Onward.

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