Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Company That Acquired Merck's Boulder Bio Operations -- Has Itself Been Acquired -- By A Trio Of Investment Companies

Back in May of 2014, we reported that KBI BioPharma had purchased Merck's microbial lines API capabilities in Boulder, Colorado. Long before that, we had reported in early-2010 that Merck had itself acquired the facilities from a third party, called Insmed (with additional nuances here).

Here's the bit from Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News:

. . . .KBI says its capabilities include delivering expert and integrated process development and cGMP manufacturing of recombinant protein active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Among clients offering testimonials on KBI’s website are Auxillium Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Endo International for $2.6 billion in a deal completed January 29), DynPort Vaccine (a CSC company), Elusys Therapeutics, Trans Tech Pharma, and UCB Celltech.

KBI expanded to Boulder last year, when it bought the microbial process development and manufacturing operations of Merck & Co. for an undisclosed price. As part of that acquisition, KBI agreed to provide ongoing development and manufacturing services to Merck, as well as to third-party customers. . . .

So it goes -- this Boulder bunch has a great pedigree and does excellent science. But it sure has been passed around a bit -- and on very short round-trips, too. I'm just sayin'. . .

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