Friday, February 27, 2015

Jefferies & Co. Continues To See-Saw, On Merck

The last move from this house was up to $69 -- now back to $63 (where, in November 2014, the analysts had it prior to the "breakout" $69 level) -- so, the see-saw on near term NYSE price targets for Kenilworth continues.

Always a "Hold" -- neither a "Buy" or "Sell". . . In the context of other large cap pharma concerns -- here is the landscape, at the moment:

. . . .Jefferies Group has also taken action a number of other healthcare stocks recently. The firm raised its price target on shares of Pfizer Inc. from $40.00 to $42.00. They have a buy rating on that stock.

Also, Jefferies Group reiterated its hold rating on shares of Merck & Co., Inc.. They have a $63.00 price target on that stock, down previously from $69.00.

Finally, Jefferies Group reiterated its buy rating on shares of Eli Lilly and Co. They have a $87.00 price target on that stock, up previously from $80.00. . . .

Happy Friday, one and all. Be safe; be warm.

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Anonymous said...

I think MRK is fully valued at current levels. I don't see any near-term drivers supporting a $69 price level. $63 is doable within normal volatility, but then so is $53.