Saturday, February 14, 2015

Closing Out A Sad 2008-2010 Chapter: Last Inside Trader From Former SGP/MRK To Plead Out, Per His Lawyer

I post this not because it should in any way reflect upon the current "new" Merck, and its generally hard-working, ethical, honest and very capable team of employees and officers, worldwide. [No. . . this is just a sad reminder of the CEO Fred Hassan-led past, only.]

I post it to complete the record -- and close this unfortunate chapter out. It seems that the last of the 2008-2010 era inside trading ex-SGP (and, to a lesser extent, ex-MRK) employees will be sentenced on an agreed plea later this month. Here is some of the background (do search "insider trading", in my search box, upper left, for the full 20-plus posts download), and here is a Reuters story on the rumored plea, from earlier this week:

. . . .A former Merck & Co Inc finance analyst plans to plead guilty to engaging in an insider trading scheme by tipping a former Bank of New York Mellon Corp employee about potential pharmaceutical mergers, his lawyer said on Monday.

Zachary Zwerko is in the process of negotiating a plea agreement to resolve the conspiracy and securities charges he faces, his lawyer, Jeffrey Denner, confirmed after a court hearing in Manhattan federal court. . . .

More local 2010 color here. May the passion of St. Valentine burn brightly -- for all of us, today!

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