Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Large Holder Added Incrementally To Its Merck Stockholdings, In 2014

Various Capital New World entities have been steady large holders for over a decade, in Merck (and in legacy Schering-Plough as well). During the year 2014, they inched upward, almost touching the six per cent of outstanding mark once again (click image at right to embiggify!).

I suppose it is also significant (and encouraging) that they've actually added nearly 1.8 million Merck shares -- to their holdings. Still not back to the 2010 high water mark levels, but moving in the right direction, certainly. From the just filed SEC Schedule 13G amendment, then:

. . . .PERCENT OF CLASS. . . 5.9%

SOLE DISPOSITIVE POWER | 170,766,040 Shares. . . .

Onward, then. . . enjoying a quiet Presidents' Day -- here in the US. . .

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