Thursday, October 16, 2014

Never Say Never. . . But. . . "Pfinished" Is Pfizer's Inversion (AstraZeneca) Gambit

With Abbvie pulling the plug on its $55 billion Shire inversion, it seems reasonable to infer that Pfizer's inversion ploy for Astra-Zeneca is also. . . dead.

Without the (formerly-available) inversion-driven tax rate savings, the deal makes no sense, for Pfizer.

I'd say this one won't revive. Anyone hoping for a November 26 surprise restart of talks. . . ought to just ladle up another helping of stuffing with turkey gravy, and relax. Pat your belly. Not happening.

Especially since Astra-Zeneca's immuno-oncology program made such a nice showing at ASCO in June -- AZ's independence looks assured, for three to five more years, in my humble opinion. Or, at least its independence from Ian Read.

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