Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pfizer Pays 2X Sales, For Baxter Vaccines Biz -- Bulking Up To Compete With. . . Merck?

Prior to this deal's announcement, Pfizer's global vaccine biz was rolling out around $1.1 billion a year. Last year, Merck's stood at over five times that -- or, $5.2 billion.

I think Ian Read has some "Merck-jabs" envy there. Smile. [And I think Bob Parkinson (Baxter's chief) doesn't mind letting a smaller competitor to Merck in the space (Pfizer) pay just 2X sales -- to get access to his vaccines. Afterall, Merck just recently "stole away" Baxter's former CFO (and a guy who was, most recently, a leader many might have surmised would succeed Mr. Parkinson, as chief).] In any event, Pfizer seems to be looking to bulk up on vaccines, ex-US. And, that is another way to "naturally hedge off" some of the offshore revenue Pfizer earns as well (should it not renew its mostly hostile inversion bee-waggle dance -- for AZ). I am certain this will close by year end -- no real antitrust issues of note. From Reuters reporting then -- do go read the rest:

. . . .The deal will give Pfizer access to Baxter's meningitis vaccine, NeisVac-C, and its encephalitis vaccine, FSME-IMMUN.

Pfizer will also get access to a portion of Baxter's facility in Austria where the vaccines are made.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year. . . .

Who knows if this was a shot across the bow, at Mr. Frazier -- for "poaching" Mr. Davis, from Deerfield, Illinois? Dunno. But it will be fun to watch; I'll pop the popcorn.

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