Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More -- On "Adult CEO Perspectives" For US Corporate Tax Rate Policy Reform

In a second stark moment of contrast (compared to brother Pfizer) on a single morning, CEO Frazier made it clear that Merck would not be likely to pursue a deal of size, near term -- and certainly not an inversion.

Recall that Ian Read pretty much whacked the proverbial hornets' nest, on inversions, earlier this year, when his unwelcome, north of $100 billion advances, upon a British old line pharmaceutical house were. . . soundly rebuffed.

And do recall that Mr. Frazier was the voice of reason, then too. From Bloomberg reporting, a bit ago, then -- do go read it all:

. . . .Merck is not interested in large scale purchases that are “very time consuming and distracting to what we’re here to do, which is invest in new medicines,” Ken Frazier, Merck’s chief executive officer said in an interview today. Merck also isn’t looking for a cross-border deal to lower its tax rate, he said.

Instead, “we’re trying to get Congress to look at how all U.S. firms are at a huge disadvantage” and encouraging tax reform, Frazier said by telephone. . . .

Yes -- it is. . . refreshing to read some sober, balanced and mature analysis of US corporate income tax policy -- from a public company CEO and Chairman. That much is certain.

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