Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'll Not Endorse Anonymous Rumors Here. But You Should Probably Read CafePharma Today.

Apparently in some regions, more than half of the manager level sales team leads are ghosted, or reassigned out of their roles. This is the so called second (taller) wave of sales force cuts.

Apparently, in some of the front line sales pods, only one rep (of seven or eight) will remain, and lines will be combined. One version has it that Manhattan has been almost decimated.

Again, these are rumors, and anonymous sales folk posting at that. Maybe even competitors' sales folk. But the reorg is rolling out today, and the body count is being discussed. You know how to find it -- so I'll not link it. My meditations and genuine concern, for you, and your families, go with you all.

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is limited to the primary care sales force only, & not the reps that call on specialists or hospitals. Perhaps not surprising given Merck's current portfolio and priorities. Very difficult for the impacted individuals, of course.