Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MSM Coverage Of Glynn v. Merck Opening Statements. . . .

You may find the Bloomberg piece there; and the New Jersey Star-Ledger piece here.

I'll leave the rest of the Bloomberg story alone, since they've decided to pick up on my lead, and cover it. But, as I said -- the crux of Mrs. Glynn's claim is founded on a failure to adequately warn.

. . . .Glynn, an elementary school worker from Cohoes, New York, who regularly takes long bike rides and yoga classes, claims Fosamax weakened her femur over a seven-year period, causing the leg bone to snap in April 2009, when she bent over in her garage to pick up a frog-shaped lawn ornament while gardening. . . .
Nice -- finally the local papers are covering this important story -- as there are over 3,300 similar cases pending, around the nation. Stay tuned.

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