Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glynn Trivia: The Answer Here Would Be To Encourage Note-Taking

One other small update, from Glynn v. Merck, today -- Juror No. 3 asked about taking notes (see the image of the hand-written note, at right -- click to enlarge it).

It is very likely that the emminently-capable Judge Pisano then remarked (from the bench) that jurors are encouraged to take notes, because (ordinarily) the entire transcript will not be sent into the jury room, for deliberations.

Jurors may request a read-back of select portions, or may receive a partial transcript, but it wouldn't be very efficient to prepare and hand over the entire transcript, at the close of the trial.

So -- I expect that Juror No. 3 is now taking notes. But that is just a guess, on my part.

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