Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oxytrol® Comes Out From Behind The Counter -- Adding Only Incremental Revenue

Yesterday, the FDA granted Merck's Oxytrol® transdermal patch OTC status. That means women may now purchase and use it without a prescription. That's good for Whitehouse Station's uptake and market penetration here in the US.

I do imagine (and studies confirm -- see quote below) that there are many untreated US women with overactive bladders, I would also imagine that most of the US women who have a dire need for it it, and have insurance plans that cover most of the cost of it -- or those with higher incomes, who can afford to puchase it, outright -- are already on it.

And so, I expect only a modest bump to Merck's Oxytrol quarterly revenues, here in the US, in 2013. Said another way, it takes an immense "knock-on effect" to move the needle on over $50 billion of annual sales revenue, company-wide.

Do go read all about the FDA action, though -- from a reputable source -- right here:
. . . .Women with overactive bladder have access to an over-the-counter treatment for the first time, thanks to the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Merck’s Oxytrol for Women Jan. 25.

This is a partial switch for the drug from prescription to over-the-counter, as men with overactive bladder still need a prescription for Oxytrol.

Although overactive bladder affects an estimated 33 million women, some studies suggest that many don’t seek treatment for it, and those who do seek treatment continue to have daily leakage (J. Urol. 2007;177:680-4). . . .

The male version still requires a 'scrip -- and as I say, my belief is that the vast bulk of women who can afford it -- and really need it -- are already on it. In any event, we shall soon see whether my hypothesis holds. . . um, water. Yes, we shall. . . see.

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