Monday, January 28, 2013

I'll Be Most-Interested In the Trend-lines, On Pfizer's Foreign Exchange/Currencies

While Pfizer is, on average, expected to post Q4 2012 EPS of 44 cents, and revenue for the quarter is expected to come in around $14.35 billion --personally, I'll look most closely at the trends in euro and yen, vs. the US dollar.

Whatever headwinds or tailwinds Pfizer sees, ought to roughly mirror those Merck sees. Within broad limits, both companies run roughly analogous hedging programs -- so we ought to get a sense from Pfizer, tomorrow, as to Merck's Friday release.

More tomorrow -- but on last Friday, the AP had it thus, for Pfizer:
. . . .Read likely will update investors on efforts to boost revenue and streamline Pfizer by shedding noncore businesses, including the pending $11.5 billion sale of its nutrition business to Nestle SA and the planned spinoff of the $4.2 billion-a-year animal health business. Last week, Pfizer disclosed plans to sell 86.1 million shares in the new company, Zoetis, for $22 to $25 each. . . .

See you in the morning.

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