Friday, October 5, 2012

Merck's MSD Ireland To Cut 90 More Jobs At Legacy Schering-Plough Cork Facility

This comes on the heels of a 160 person reduciton at the legacy Schering-Plough Cork facilities, in September of 2010. Do go watch it all at RTE

. . . .Over the next six months, 90 voluntary redundancies will be sought from 455 staff. The company employs a total of 2,300 people in Carlow, Dublin, Tipperary, Wicklow and Cork. The job cuts follow a decision by the company to reduce production levels of the Hepatitis C drug Interferon. MSD site manager Matt Corcoran said that "reducing the workforce is necessary and sadly unavoidable for the site to stay competitive". . . .
Here's to hoistin' one -- for my cousins -- stay strong! It will get better. And already a tech company -- Hittite Microwave -- has announced 30 new jobs, in Cork this afternoon, local time. Sure, and begorrah.

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