Friday, October 5, 2012

Former Schering-Plough CEO "Fast Fred" Hassan To Chair Avon Board

More later -- but Ms. Jung is stepping away. The only quibble I have with the coverage of it thus far is the occasional reference to Mr. Hassan as a "turnaround specialist." He is not. He is a bust-up and sell-off specialist. He is as much a turnaround specialist as Mr. Romney is a living wage jobs creator. He just isn't.

In any event, here is a link to a story in the WSJ which cites a company presser touting his turnaround experience.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Condor,

you're just too hard on Freddie. He's just using the business format of deconstructive construction. You know, opening up new opportunities in those areas of wastefulness. Leveraging resources where they need the most help. Besides, that is what the shareholders want; better return on their investments.

Mitt would be proud of all Freddie has done at Pharmacia and S/P.

Yes~~~just a sarcastic message.