Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recent Commentary, From Facebook Users, On Merck's (US) Non-Vanity URL Page

The below is in response to US Merck & Co.'s statement, on Facebook (posted just before the vanity URL page's keys were disabled, on Monday night). The Merck US statement read ". . .Earlier today, Facebook announced plans to decommission our vanity URL due to an administrative error on Facebook's part. We want to assure you that our Facebook page will remain active and continue to serve as a helpful resource for information on health and well-being. We thank you for your patience and continued support. . . ."

Facebook users have responded -- as set forth below -- since then:

. . . .Peter Sinnott

So when will the real Merck get the url back?

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James Hooker

As I understand it, either the two companies must come to some sort of agreement over the URL (one takes ownership, or shared ownership?) or Facebook will prevent the 'Merck' vanity URL from being used at all, forcing each company to create a new URL based on their specific company name (MerckKGaA/MerckCo as examples).

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James Hooker

Quite ludicrous in my opinion, seeing as the error was Facebook's, and that the vanity URL was originally registered by the German company.

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James Hooker

‎. . . .also, regarding the fault being placed on Facebook, surely you KNEW the page you requested access to did not belong to your company?

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[Emphasis supplied.] It seems some people really do get it. This could be rather entertaining.

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