Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kudos To New Merck! "Staying On Treatment" -- HIV Strategies, On YouTube

New Merck is to be commended for this -- from the release by today:

. . . .In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, SisterLove, Inc., with support from Merck, today announced the launch of “Everyone Has a Story,” a mini documentary and educational HIV/AIDS treatment and care resource. “Everyone Has a Story” features interviews with HIV positive women speaking about the challenges of HIV and how they seek to overcome them in their daily lives. It gives the HIV/AIDS community a unique new tool to bring HIV-positive women critical information and support, and help improve treatment access and adherence among women of color. . . .

“Everyone Has a Story” is an educational series for healthcare professionals, health advocates, and HIV/AIDS service organizations. The series addresses critical topics around living with HIV/AIDS, including starting and adhering to treatment, patient-provider relationships and social support.

“Our longstanding commitment to improving access to HIV/AIDS treatment and care, and reducing healthcare disparities, is part of Merck’s mission to help more and more people around the world be well,” said Patrick Bergstedt, senior vice president and general manager, Infectious Diseases, Global Human Health, Merck. “Our collaboration with SisterLove on ‘Everyone Has a Story’ is a critical part of this ongoing commitment and we are excited to launch this resource today, in honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.We are proud to partner with SisterLove to make this innovative HIV/AIDS treatment and care education series available to the HIV community.”

SisterLove will debut the “Everyone Has a Story” series this evening at the Georgia Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Program and Gala, and plans to introduce the series in other major U. S. cities throughout the year. The event will honor women that have made significant contributions to fight against HIV/AIDS, including SisterLove’s Diallo. . . .

Do go see all the videos at SisterLove -- but here is one (click the HD button, and open to full screen!):

Compelling stuff! Good on ya', Whitehouse Station!

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