Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Great Bit O' History -- Old Merck Sharp Dohme -- Doctors' Convention Gift

Ed Silverman, over at Pharmalot gets a huge hat tip, for this whimsical and frankly enthralling item [I actually think my father-in-law was once handed one of these, at a convention, in Chicago. Alas -- he's been gone about 25 years now; and that LP, with him. . . . but I am burying my lede, here.]

EBay is still listing a 1965-1966 era 33-1/3 RPM vinyl LP -- a blues compilation -- that was apparently used as Merck sponsored "swag" for doctors' conventions. The liner notes contained marketing messages for Elavil®, then a leading Merck antidepressant.

I've made a derivative image, at right, from one of the Ebay auction photos, for the album -- feel free to snag some of this swag, here 45 years later, off of the online selling site. Here is some of the liner note content:

. . . .Therapy album sponsored by Elavil by Merck Sharp & Dohme. . . .

[Liner notes:] Elavil®: Since 1961, more than 200 million patient days of therapy, more than 200 published studies. . . .

Highly-effective. . . . Well-tolerated. . . . Not a Phenothiazine. . . . Not a MAOI. . . .

Sort of MadMen meets Marcus Welby, no?

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