Monday, February 14, 2011

Ex-Organon Exec's Firm -- Pantarhei -- To Acquire Merck's Dutch Operations?

Here is a bit of the Reuters reprint; but Pantarhei chief executive officer Coelingh Bennink -- a former Organon executive -- was not immediately available for comment (he is an ex-Schering-Plough guy, through the Organon to SP connection):

. . . .Pantarhei Bioscience director Herjan Coeling Bennink, told the paper that Pantarhie can make the proposal as a result of backing from international private equity investors.

No financial details were provided. The private equity investors were not named either.

Merck said in September it had postponed the closure of Organon's R&D activities in the Netherlands while it negotiated on potential alternatives, including a sale. . . .

We'll keep you posted. [Outage abated.]


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Condor.
Hope you are well my friend.
You were missed.

Anonymous said...

Herjan Coelingh Bennink never worked for Schering Plough.
See here the website of Pantarhei

With the pressrelase.

Two weeks back Merck announced in Oss the reduction of 375 people in Production.


Anonymous said...

I presume Pantarhei reported last year to to Merck they want to take over the site Oss, all women's Health activitis including products, but Merck refused. This attempt yesterday is to influence the people at the site in oss and workcouncil. Tomorrow the emplyees hear who wants to take over some activities.

But Merck started the reorganisation of Production (30% reduction in cost=personel) so Production is not in the deal that will be uncovered tomorrow