Monday, December 20, 2010

More First-Hand Background: Organon Netherlands Facilities Closure History And Process

In sort of an Ultra-Mini Wikileaks fashion, I have slightly-edited, and redacted, an overnight anonymous comment (but preserved the original on my secure, encrypted web-server), in order to bring more detail to the readership -- about Takeda's likely bid for Oss Organon BioScience assets. Our sincere thanks go to the very magnamimous, and well-trained anonymous local source, here:

. . . .Anonymous said:

You captured the nuances correctly in your translation. . . .

I worked . . . at Organon. [A]fter the take-over of Organon by Schering Plough. . . the ICT had to be outsourced, [which] should have [caused] a [cost reduction], but [it instead] lowered the service levels. . . . [A description of long, varied -- and senior level -- experiences, going back to] AKZO Nobel [is redacted, here (by this blog's editor) to protect identities], so I'm reasonably informed how to read the messages in the media. Schering Plough wanted the pipeline of Organon and after the take-over already stopped a number of R&D projects in Oss.

Merck now finishes the job by closing the R&D. After the message of July 8th, Merck came with the idea of a Scientific Campus, but the personnel needed to start this are now the target of Takeda, if the negotiations end succesfully. So if Takeda takes over the 200 to 300 R&D personnel, there will be still 1800 people fired and there will be no Scientific campus (in my opinion). This result is in my opinion not acceptable for the personnel in Oss and was not the aim of Works Council, Unions and Supervisory Board of Organon Biosciences. Description of my [prior company] experience is not for publication. . . I will keep you informed about publications in Dutch media.

December 20, 2010 3:21 AM. . . .

Thanks again, to our readership -- they will help us keep all of you informed.

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