Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Technical Update, And Note: I've Replaced The Remicade® Simponi® Arbitration Countdown Widget

I've removed the goofy Remicade®/Simponi® arbitration results alarm clock-style widget (see archived image of it, at right), and replaced it with a simple sky-blue digital "NASA launch"-style countdown timer. See upper left margin, just below the "FDA Help" widget. Honestly, I only became aware a few days ago that the alarm clock code was throwing ads (mostly travel-related, but some drug company ads, as well!) onto my site. That's unacceptable, making the clock "not free enough" -- for me, at least.

It seems it was occasionally causing the page-load sequence to throw errors, to boot (likely due to malformed adware code-packets). So. . . "Adios, Señor clock counter!

I found the ads particularly annoying, and the travel theme less than completely useful. I had long ago decided I wanted no ads on the site. Sorry for breaking that rule -- it won't happen again.


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