Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Runoff Elections Today, At Merck's West Point, PA Facility: USW Local No. 10-86

Per the United Steelworkers Union Local No. 10-86's website, this morning -- get out and vote! -- in the West Point, Pennsylvania facility union runoff election. See here:

. . . .There will be a runoff for the following officer positions on Tuesday, November 9th, in the 38 Assembly Room from 6AM until 7 PM. The runoffs will be held for the following: President/between Mark "Isy" Snyder and Charles "Butch" Fickert; Vice President/between Phil Hughes and Mike Grabowski; Financial Secretary/between Bill Panetta and Mike Gauger. We urge all members to get out and vote. . . .

It is unclear whether there will be any meaningful opportunity to derail the likely transfer of as many as 440 jobs, from the West Point facility, down to Durham, North Carolina -- over the next three years -- but that would seem to be a key criterion upon which to choose candidates.

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