Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Of Hassan's "Second-Tier" Executive Connects Added -- At Bausch + Lomb

Ex-CEO Hassan continues to add people from his prior lives in pharma, to his team at privately-held, Warburg Pincus-backed, Bausch + Lomb. [A sincere H/T to Ed Silverman, at Pharmalot!] Here's the stuff, per this presser, from the company:

. . . .Bausch + Lomb, the global eye health company, has named Mariano García-Valiño to the newly created role of corporate vice president and president, Latin America, effective immediately. . . .

From 2001 to 2009, he served in multiple roles with Pfizer Inc., including a position as head of Pfizer's largest operating group in Brazil, overseeing a pharmaceuticals business. During his tenure at Pfizer, Mr. García-Valiño also served as the chief marketing officer of the Brazilian operation, head of business development for Brazil and head of planning and business development for Latin America.

During the Pfizer-Pharmacia merger, Mr. García-Valiño led the integration of the $1 billion, 10-country, 4,000-person Latin American operations into a single streamlined structure, resulting in the creation of the largest pharmaceuticals company in the region. . . .

Fascinating -- as Fred Hassan's smudgy fingerprints are all over that Pharmacia transaction (as are those of Carrie S. Cox). And now Mr. García-Valiño has become (once again) "Fast Fred's" head-man in all of Latin America. Earlier items on Fred's efforts to "Get His Band Back Together" may be found here, here, and here.

Oh -- and lest I forget, B + L has adopted a brand new, block-style logo, at right (compare to the older one, over Fred's head, in his portrait, above right). Snazzy.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a few things. First the posting the other day on Pharmagossip of a talk by Kurt Eichenwald

where he indicates that the similarity of all corrupt organizations is the Top Level Goal of achieving unreasonable returns and then finding and rewarding those who do although doing so requires corrupt practices.

And second a statement by Carrie Cox (I don't remember the source it may have been SGP) where she talks about her own career and states that if you produce you'll be rewarded.

B&L employees should get out while they can.


Condor said...

I quite agree, Salmon -- thanks for looking in on us.