Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pet Chip Cancer Lawsuit: "Hassan Hangover", Item 225

I was all set to dutifully ignore this for a few days, to see what became of it -- but that ever vigilant Ed Silverman has run with it, this morning. Drats -- I guess out of a sense of keeping a complete record here, I will mention it too. See the "Terminator Cat -- in HD Video! -- The Chip Did It!":

More seriously, per the Boston Globe, then:
. . . .Andrea Rutherford filed her lawsuit in Cambridge District Court earlier this month, naming Merck & Co. of New Jersey, distributor of the HomeAgain pet-tracking product, and Digital Angel Inc., the Minnesota company that made the chip. The suit claimed that the two companies violated an implied warranty that the HomeAgain product was safe, and sought "reasonable compensatory damages and interest."

Each chip contains a tiny radio that transmits an identification code whenever the chip is scanned by a special detector used at animal shelters across the country. Pets with embedded chips can be identified by that method, and quickly returned to their homes. . . .

Maybe this is what's wrong with my cat's eyes. . . I dunno.

In any event, I am running off to other duties, but I will eventually update the "Hassan Hangovers" table for this one, as it only became Merck's as a result of Fast Fred's deal.

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