Sunday, October 3, 2010

The "Hassan Hangover" Table: New Merck's "Clean-Ups", Post Bust-Up -- A Work In Process

Let me know what I've forgotten -- I know there must be a few more:

Key ImageDrugCounter PartyStart DateEnd DateFieldReason
Various (Biosciences)Internal (Legacy
Organon BioSciences
Oct. 2008Nov. 2009Bioscience R&DAllegedly didn't
follow Dutch labor laws
Saphris/SycrestLundbeck (All Markets, Except US,
Japan and China)
Dev. 1996Oct. 2010Anti-psychoticsDisappointing "Me Too" Sales; Side effects
AN-2690Anacor PharmaFeb. 2007May 2010Anti-FungalNon-Core to Merck
(Legacy Schering-
Mid 2005Jan. 2010HIVClanked two separate
Phase III trials
(Legacy Schering-
April 2004Aug. 2010CardioClinical Futility
AV-299AVEO PharmaApril 2007Sept. 2010OncologyNon-Core To New Merck
Ampakine®Cortex PharmaJan. 1999Oct. 2010Anti-PsychoticNon-Core To New Merck
J&J/CentocorQ1 2004Q4 2010(?)Auto-ImmuneLost Arbitration(?)

A separate category would be the litigation hangovers, but that table would take several pages:


Anonymous said...

In this context, this is also interesting:

Caelyx was SP only outside the US and Japan, so maybe not that much on your radar. But nevertheless, they returned the righhts to Janssen, which is a daughter of Johnson&Johnson.

I wonder if that distribution agreement really just "expired" (i.e. it was never meant to run longer), or if it was deliberately not prolonged in some sort of exchange deal against Remicade/Simponi?

Anonymous said...

Didn't they also recently 'kill' the CCR5 program? A legacy clinical candidate from S/P.