Monday, August 23, 2010

Jim Edwards -- On Merck's Mystery "Sinemet® API Supplier": Could It Be. . .?

This morning, Jim Edwards, over at b|Net's "Placebo Effect" has a great story up, on Merck's nearly year-and-a-half-long delay in explaining the limited availability of one of its Parkinsons' disease drugs -- Sinemet® -- around the globe; do go read it all:

. . . .[Merck writes we] did build supply inventory from our original supplier and we are manufacturing using supply from our new supplier. However, the process of identifying, qualifying, and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals that are required to establish a new supply source for an active ingredient is complex and takes time. . . .

We'll keep you posted, but I do wonder whether New Merck will now take the active ingredient manufacturing back in-house, as it re-aqcuires that Cherokee/Riverside API facility (sold about two and a half years ago to a diverse-owned firm). Let's keep an eye on it.

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