Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sch-Merck's Lobbying, Through September 30: $6.31 Million

The third quarter Federal Election Commission reports were due yesterday, in DC. Combined, the companies have spent $6.31 million, in their own names, this year so far. They have spent much, much more, if organizational spends, like PhRMA lobbying efforts, or through registered lobbyists, acting on their behalf, are included.

. . . .Q3 2009 : Merck -- $1,560,000 | Schering-Plough -- $570,000. . . .

Full Year to Date: Merck -- $4,590,000 | Schering-Plough -- $1,720,000. . . .

In a year of 20,000 to 30,000 people losing their jobs at the combined companies, I wonder whether this is an appropriate spend -- given that, by most accounts, big pharma had, by the end of Q1 2009, already protected most of its turf, in the reform debates.


Anonymous said...

The question is always:

'What have you done for me lately'.


In the interest of complete disclosure I have never spent a single cent on lobbying.

However I strongly believe in and do exercise my first amendment rights.

Condor said...

Agreed, Salmon.