Monday, June 22, 2015

No ObamaCare Opinion -- From The Supremes. . . Yet. Maybe This Thursday.

The issued opinions have all been unboxed, opened, and read -- in paper format, this morning (yes the Supremes are still very. . . old school) -- and no decision in King v. Burwell was in those boxes. So, Christmas morning is still as much as week off, yet.

There may yet be a bonus opinion day, later this week. UPDATED: Thursday of this week will be the "bonus" day. Oh well. I'll be off-grid, on an airplane. Or we may get the decision on next Monday the 29th -- also while I'm off the grid. In any event, I still confidently predict an ObamaCare win -- authored by Chief Justice Roberts, with Kennedy joining the usual four who will support it. So I see it as a 6-3 decision.

. . . .Opinions this term still left unpublished: Texas Fair Housing Act, Arizona redistricting commission, King v. Burwell, Michigan v. EPA, Johnson v. US, Obergefell v. Hodges and Glossip v. Gross. . . .

Amy Howe (at There will definitely be orders on 6/29; I would be surprised if there weren't opinions on the 29th as well, because it's hard for me to imagine that they would release all seven remaining opinions on Thursday. . . .

Do stay tuned. Onward.


Condor said...

And now. . . relative to last week's Friday posts -- and Wednesday tragedies -- I must confess, as follows:

I am very proud -- of my President.

He grants an interview, to a garage podcaster -- to make perhaps the most profound, and telling, statements he'll ever make -- on race, in the United States.

In a garage.

That's some swaggah'. Indeed.

I am proud. SO proud.

Namaste -- one and all.

Condor said...

I should note that -- since I will be out of pocket -- the Supremes have now also added a Friday "bonus" opinion publishing session to their docket. That's this Friday. So we could hear on gay marriage, Obamacare and the other remaining blockbuster cases -- seven in total -- as early as 10 AM EDT tomorrow, Friday, or Monday, of next week.

At least that's the word -- to the moment.

Namaste -- and try to be kind. It reflects more favorably upon you, when you are. . . all as we get ready to bury the dead in Charleston, SC -- Mr. Obama will attend, and speak -- at Mother Emanuel.