Thursday, December 27, 2018

[U] Shutdown Alert: Alternate (Private University) Live Feed, For NASA's Kuiper Belt Object Flyby, On New Years Day...

UPDATE @ 2 PM EST 12.28.2018: Not sure whether Trump decided to declare NASA-TV an "essential service", under the pre-arranged legislative rules, or if the team just decided to come back on air, gratis, but for now -- despite the shutdown, NASA-TV is back online. If it goes dark again, use the below backup links, come New Years Day. Namaste. . . . and onward.

What should be pure space science geekily-infused joy, on New Years, may well be partially occluded by Trump's ongoing shutdown.

New Horizons, which stunned us with Pluto photos three years ago, in the summer of 2015. . . now is passing a very interesting, double globular planetessimal endearingly named Ultima Thule. Use the Johns-Hopkins sponsored YouTube link in the pull-quote below, if NASA is still shuttered on January 1:

. . . .Should the federal government shutdown continue through New Horizons' Ultima Thule flyby – and NASA TV, and other agency digital and social channels remain offline – the New Horizons mission will provide coverage of live mission activities on this website and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory YouTube channel. . . .

I will refrain from ranting (again) about the lunacy that is Trumpian "shutdown sidereal motion". . . I will say that seeing more distant tiny orbital "golden flecks, at the edges" -- with eyes ablaze. . . will forever excite the space scientist in me. Onward.


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