Thursday, May 17, 2018

Nuvaring® MDL Close-Out Mechanics -- Status Call In Federal Court In Missouri Underway Now....

Slowly. . . but surely, this $100 million settlement is winding its way down.

Here is the complete agenda as a three page PDF, and a bit:

. . . .1. Next group of cases for remand.

2. Anticipated motions to dismiss by Defendants for certain pending cases in which Plaintiffs have not provided discovery.

3. Plaintiffs’ request for updated Periodic Adverse Drug Experience Reports submitted to the FDA. . . .

Of these, Item 3 is potentially the most interesting, depending on what might be disclosed, in those subsequent adverse event reports, to date in 2018. Now you know.

Off to the food trucks -- under sunny skies: lobster rolls and tomato bisque with cilantro for lunch now! [All with beautiful, twisting copper-torso visions -- of exactly four years ago, this week. . . and a "Divergent" Wednesday matinee -- complete with changing room antics -- pulsing through my mind, and soul. . . smile.]


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