Monday, May 14, 2018

[U] After Trump Demanded A US Bailout -- For ZTE -- A "MASSIVE" China-Based Phone Maker, I Immediately Flashed On This...

. . .of course, it's lame, as acting performances (and free-style rap performances) go, but there is much truth. . . in these words -- even 20 years later.

And it is true of BOTH Democrats and Republicans -- the same ills that beset us in the latter days of the Reagan-Bush 41 era have returned -- in a more virulent, more cynical form, under Donald Trump.

UPDATED: A mere 72 hours later, we know what Trump Inc. got, in return for the above ZTE announcement: $500 million from China, for a Trump resort in Indonesia. Deplorable.

The saddest part of all of this is that the Trump apologists in DC, and in red states, are going to make up excuses -- rather than ask directly: "Who paid him what sort of a corrupt emolument, for his sudden preference for a Chinese billionaires' company (one under US trade sanctions) -- over US workers who've lost their jobs (at least under his professed view, as a result of unfair competition from these same Chinese manufacturers). . . .?"

To be clear, I do not ascribe to that bogus theory of voo-doo economics. But if 45 is going to say it is true, and claim he wants to put "America First" (again), he ought to explain how a Commerce Department bailout of ZTE is consistent with any of. . . his previous lies.

Yes -- the video is low quality screen cap, and yes, Warren Beaty was mis-cast. But he is channeling Don Cheadle's earlier monologue in most of his rap.

The words of "America First" were always lies -- glaringly obvious ones, in fact -- but still I bet the GOP will cover for Trump here, on Monday morning.

Obscenity?! Ob-scen-i-ty?! Obscenity!


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