Thursday, March 8, 2018

Several Quick Life-Science Law And Public Policy Updates, Here...

The headliner is the Eisai deal (of perhaps as much as $5 billion all in). John Carroll has it all. Do go read that.

Do also read our erstwhile Anon.'s heads up on a great Phase I result also in immuno-oncology, for Aduro, and Kenilworth. Great stuff, Anon.!

Finally -- Akorn has filed its rather-wordy "brief" in the Allergan-Mohawk Tribe "invalid for obviousness" patent appeal, to the Federal Circuit. It is -- like the PhRMA brief before it -- more about straight patent law, on obviousness, and far less about the Mohawk gambit attempted by "he -- of the high forehead". Even so, we note that several legislators are proposing a measure to prevent the use of tribal immunity in the way Mr. Saunders attempted.

Onward, on an extremely busy day. And we will know whether soon-to-be tatted Martin Shkreli will get 15 to 18 years in the clink. . . in about 24 elapsed hours, now.


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