Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marcy Wheeler Just “Nailed it!” -- On Jared, New York Times Opinion Piece, Today...

I unabashedly endorse daily reading top to bottom -- at Especially in this renewed time of peril for our sense of ordered liberty, under the rule of law.

And on this day, though I am decidedly late in getting to the opinion pages of the Gray Lady (stuck in federal court all day on a DACA case) -- she has outdone herself. I will only quote a tiny bit -- as you really should go read it all. Of Jared's self-inflicted and newly-deepening woes:

. . .The biggest concern in the Post report — and surely one reason such intelligence led to Mr. Kushner’s being stripped of his interim top-secret security clearance last week — is that foreign countries would offer him personal financial benefits in the same conversations in which he purports to represent America’s best interests. . . .

There has already been ample reporting suggesting that Mr. Kushner may have done just that. During a period when Mr. Kushner was negotiating President Trump’s first visit to China, his family business was trying to sell a debt-ridden property in New York to an insurance company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Public scrutiny of the deal scuttled it.

Last May, The New York Times described how, immediately after the Trump administration extended a visa program for wealthy investors, Mr. Kushner’s sister invoked Mr. Kushner in a presentation seeking Chinese investment in one of the family’s New Jersey real estate developments. . . .

Do go read it all. Time's up, for "Trumpian MotionTM" -- or nearly so.

That bolded catchy turn of phrase was coined at EmptyWheel, as well. Be excellent to one another -- and travel well -- but travel. . . light. . . I am out -- and smiling, ear to ear -- in the late afternoon sunshine. [Seven days until Martin Shkreli is finally sentenced, too.]


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