Monday, August 14, 2017

KUDOS! The Courage Of Standing For Civil Rights -- This Bears Repeating... Well Done, Mr. Frazier!

UPDATED @ 3 PM EDT -- Because Mr. Trump often likes to take credit for the rise in the Dow -- I will simply note that after 45's threats to act against Merck, in retaliation for Mr. Frazier's courageous stand, this morning. . . Merck's stock is actually up almost a dollar on the day, on the NYSE. 45's tweets are increasingly. . . irrelevant. [End, updated portion.]

Small world, that. I have long reported on Mr. Frazier's charitable work -- in freeing an actual innocent, from death row, in Alabama, some years ago (yep -- this is a bro-crush!). So it would come as no surprise that he has resigned from 45's goofy council on manufacturing. [In truth, I have admired him for over 20 years, but blogged on him -- for around ten.]

I give him "big ups" for telling Mr. Trump and -- directly so -- that the primitive in chief's response to the events in Charlottesville was. . . disgusting. [Click each image to enlarge.]

And of course, surprising no one, the small minded Mr. Trump almost immediately lashed out -- by tweet. 45 has thus renewed his threats about pricing on pharmaceuticals. As my lower graphic implies -- Mr. Trump is nothing, if not a ham handed opportunist. Perhaps now Mr. Read will take Mr. Frazier's seat on the administration's council -- though soon enough, he too will be savaged by the primitive in chief.

But let us return to singing full-throated praise -- for Mr. Frazier. I had almost held my breath in anticipation this morning, hoping against hope -- that he would pull the trigger, and tell 45. . . "enough is enough". And he just did.

In history's longer lens, it will almost certainly be a badge of honor, to have been singled out for criticism in a 45 tweet.

I stand with Mr. Frazier -- I hope you will too: I hope we will all call the thing by its name: 45 is a white supremacist enabler, by his refusal to specifically repudiate murders occurring in his name.

Well done, Mr. Frazier -- this is deep purple hero stuff. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

It isn't just 45 but his 2nd in command:

“I take issue with the fact that many in the national media spent more time criticizing the president’s words than they did criticizing those that perpetuated the violence to begin with,” Pence was quoted as saying.


condor said...

Agree 100 per cent.

Pence is every bit the odious deflector that 45 himself is.

Again -- thrilled with the CEO's courage and leadership here.

Let them tweet away.

They are clearly on the wrong side of history, here.

Thanks, and. . .


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Trump, but you are proving him right. He said hate and bigotry "on many sides"....that is absolutely true. Where is your condemnation of the MUCH more violent Antifa movement?

You betray your own racism and hate speech.

Also...Frazier is a real hero...people are impotent and committing suicide do to his greed in pushing through a poison he intended to sell TO TEENS.

Anonymous said...

due to his greed

condor said...

Well. . . hello to Anonymous in comments No. 3 and 4 --

All opinions are welcome here.

I am sure you are aware that no one died in Seattle (a completely different event, by the way).

I am sure you are aware by now that 19 people were mowed down by a late model gray Challenger with tinted windows -- and one woman, a 32 year old -- was in fact murdered, by the 20 year old driving that car. That man was denied bail this morning.

That same man was plainly depicted, in many photos and videos, earlier in the day Saturday, in uniform, and both marching with -- and shouting slogans -- with the "Unite The Right" marchers.

Please do explain -- using small words, and short sentences -- for perhaps I am think-headed... how the counter-protesters at the Saturday event were "MUCH more violent" than the murderer here?

I am all ears. Truly, I am. [As to pricing (a bit of poo flung entirely as a distraction, by the primitive in chief, to distract from his own deplorable conduct through to about 25 minutes ago) -- Mr. Frazier has very little to fear. Messrs. Shkreli and Read, on the other hand. . . well I am on record about them.] I do write on the wrongs that undue price increases cause here -- do search the archives for Frazier as well.

Truly -- do go read up, on the over 4,400 posts spanning nearly eight years here. It will do your soul some good.

Namaste. . . do stop back -- and I will await your reply.

Richie said...

His resignation was overdue.
He should have resigned when Trump took us out of the Paris Accords or when he pushed his Muslim Travel Ban.
He wringly thought he could engage him just like Chamberlin with Hitler.

I can not admire him as I already saw this troubling behavioral patter of accomodation of evil during his management of the Paterno crisis at Penn State.

condor said...

Fair enough, Richie -- I do hear you. . . .

As I say, all opinions are welcome here.

I might ask you who else (other than Mr. Musk) has shown that sort of courage, as to Caeser Disgustus? Stood up to him, face to face -- among the Fortune 50 or 100 or 200?

I might also ask why Mr. Frazier should be singled out at Penn State: he was one of what(?) 25 board members? And he did chair the commission that ultimately nailed the pedophile right?

I understand that nothing is ever perfect -- and I might quibble with some of his decision making in the Merck Vioxx matter (as a lawyer, not yet the GC). . .

But on balance, in my view, he is almost without peer at the moment.

Name one other CEO who has directly confronted Mr. Trump -- with so much at stake, for his company?

Hard to come by, indeed. Do read the New York Times "Deal%ook" coverage/editorial tonight. I think it is spot on.

But your mileage may vary.

Mr. Frazier -- (certainly unintentionally) by getting the front page, upper left corner of tonight's NYT, likely just garnered more unabashedly favorable publicity -- for Merck -- than it has seen in. . . a decade.

Mr. Frazier likely made a bigger splash today, than the company did when it saw a now-retired scientist win a Nobel, for curing river-blindness.

This CEO took on a tyrant -- and won! 45 capitulated, this afternoon, in case you missed it. Not that I care what 45 says at all -- he is a simple tool.

This was courageous. True, deep purple courageous.

Yes he is just a man -- one who makes mistakes. But this certainly was not one of them -- not today.

Namaste -- do stop back!

condor said...

And... the CEO of UnderArmour just left the presidential council as well.

I've updated the masthead with quotes from the Letter from Birmingham Jail, as a reminder to other CEOs...

It would take courage, but they ought to explicitly back Mr. Frazier -- even if they feel unable to resign themselves, given 45's obvious penchant for retaliation -- at even the smallest slight.

Onward -- but we must all resist this tyrant. Peaceably -- but resist. Resist. Resist.


condor said...

Intel's CEO just said "no mas" to the Cheeto in Charge's council.

45 is actually succeeding in one respect -- he is making himself... irrelevant.

condor said...

The departures from 45's manufacturers' CEO council reached five this afternoon -- and Walmart's CEO condemned 45's posture.

Meg Whitman offered support for Mr. Frazier, and 45 chose to again double down on his "many sides" point of view in a taped interview that grew quite combative -- at Trump Tower in NYC around 3:30 EDT.

He just can't help himself. He also called Mr. Frazier a "grandstander" earlier today by tweet, for resigning -- after openly courting him to join that goofy council.

What an awful, small-minded man.

condor said...

Back from an outdoor movie night in the park, to learn that the departures now number six, just since Monday early morning.

45 is an increasingly lost -- and isolated -- soul.

Richie said...

Im still disgusted with Ken's bs leadership...

Speaking of UPENN turns out he let Joe Paterno's son join the board...
"Jay Paterno, one of Joe’s sons, a former assistant coach and someone who has been very outspoken about his father’s legacy and innocence before the 2001 incident, was elected to Penn State’s board of trustees in May."
Check out this post in the Sports vibe: "More details emerge on what Joe Paterno knew of Sandusky child rapes"

Joe knew about Sandusky's crimes for decades. Joe's son has always defended his Pop. Now he gets rewarded by Ken.