Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Short Story: From Long, Long Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

I will be off grid today, on another deal -- so I'll leave you with this:

Over the past few weeks (and largely unnoticed), I have been quietly trading comments with an anonymous commenter, also with loads of real world experience -- about a 1990s era deal -- or six. Smile. We've been chatting -- via very, very old posts made here. Deep in the library's archives stacks, as it were. Smile. If you are at all interested or curious, just search KBI and read the posts in commentary.

For now, though -- know that when I first picked up the phone, after disconnecting the dial-up -- almost 19 years ago -- this (at right) Boulder, Colorado deal was occupying a fair bit of my daily life. The notion of an oxygen transporting substitute for human blood was a very alluring goal, then. But, as with many attempts, it was what we learned -- from its failure, that lasted most. . . . it seemed that slightly more trauma patients in remote locations (where no transfusion was available) died after receiving it, as opposed to no treatment. Fascinating -- and so it goes. Onward.

It seems some times, the best course of action. . . is no action, at all.


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