Monday, July 31, 2017

Office Pool -- On Any Jury Verdict -- Re Martin Shkreli's Eight Felonies...

Truly trivial, but here goes -- from one of my other properties.

If you want to place a bet, leave your comment on either site.


We have an "office pool" (as of the weekend comment boxing) underway, here:

The "Maverick" R West has bet "mistrial".

Billy the Kid has bet guilty on all counts except one -- (MSMB Healthcare) by Tuesday, at lunch.

I'm at "guilty on all" -- by end of day, Tuesday.

You need not make a prediction as to when -- but please do make a guess as to... whether.

Adam Feuerstein, a MSM life sciences writer -- has a quick poll up, as of Friday on his Twitter feed -- and with over 3,000 votes in so far -- it is running about 70-30 in favor of conviction (on at least one count).

Anyone else care to jump in here and make their bet? Just add it here, in comments. And feel free to add any other Shkreli related fare, there -- as well.

I may design a tee shirt for the winner -- and have it made at one hour, and sent to the winner -- or to his/her designated charity.

Better yet: the winner can design the tee -- and we ship it UPS to Mr. Shkreli's Murray Hill digs.

Since one hour tees charges almost nothing for two more -- we could get one for the AUSA, and for Mr. Brafman -- each UPS to their respective offices.

Okay -- who else is in, on this friendly wager/pool arrangement? [Lovely light-hearted morning here, with the sun bursting through some now breaking cloud cover.]



condor said...

And... "don't MOOCH me bro!"

Can we please have Spicy back -- SNL needs the ratings bump!

This is not an Administration, so much as it is a... clown car!

What will pop out, next?!


Anonymous said...

Ask and you shall receive:

And the fun never stops~~

condor said...

Indeed! It is not so much the dishonesty as it is... the sheer ineptitude of the "cover ups"...

Namaste! And onward -- under a warm woolen blanket of cloud cover here -- but no rain...

condor said...

And we now read -- by 45's morning toilet-topping tweet-fit:

Donald J. Trump ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 4 hours ago

...Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low. You can thank Congress, the same people that can't even give us HCare!....

He is (at least) a master of one thing: triple-embedded. . . dung-piles -- in short form tweets.

He prefers a totalitarian's oligarchy (over his own nation's interests -- likely because he owes that oligarchy's government/Kremlin/KGB connected banks billions). . .

And then. . . he compounds it, by blaming our own (elected by the same people who -- natch! -- elected him) US Congress -- for not currying enough favor with his buddy Vlad, to get him better loan terms, on his family real estate and licensing empire.

That "all time low" is primarily only really dangerous to. . . his ability to avoid filing for a fifth bankruptcy, as he exists 1600 Pennsylvania -- in a year or so, under threat of impeachment vote.

The primitive in chief creates more evidence (tweets it out, obliviously, actually) that he has made some only partially-secret promise to Russia -- or is somehow beholden to that dictator's interests -- day by fateful day. Treason, much?!?

Bub-Bye 45.