Friday, July 21, 2017

Minor Federal Propecia®/Proscar® MDL (Procedural) Spat: Counsel Should Train -- And Occasionally Check-In On -- Their Paraprofessionals

I will post a Friday trivia item here -- and redact the involved counsel's name. It won't in any manner affect the outcome in any finasteride suit (and to be clear it involves a plaintiffs' side lawyer's office) -- but it is a good warning: do read the order entered just yesterday, in Brooklyn's federal District Court, below. . . all I can think of to say is. . .


. . . .ORDER. The Court has received two telephone calls from a paralegal in Mr. [Redacted's] office in which she demanded identification of Court staff, which was refused pursuant to Chambers policy, and then asked to speak to the Judge.

This paralegal used a rude tone.

Mr. [Redacted] is advised that this person is not to call Chambers again and any further attempt to engage in an ex parte communication with the Court will result in a sanction against Mr. [Redacted].

Ordered by Judge Brian M. Cogan on 7/20/2017. . . .

Now you know -- do always be courteous on the phone, and in person, with any court clerk's offices. . . and do have a wonderful, joy-filled weekend, one and all -- I know I will. . . .


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