Friday, July 28, 2017

Merck Keytruda® Sales: UP! Skinny Repeal: DOWN... On the 100th Anniversary Of The Silent Parade

Merck's Q2 2017 results came in a little better than expected, bolstered by Keytruda uptake.

Sen. John McCain proved his speech on the floor of the Senate (including a few smaller policy matters with which I disagree -- but primarily urging that the Congress do its job, for the people, in a more collaborative manner -- and for a return to statesmanship, and away. . . from loudmouths like 45) of a few afternoons ago. . . was not posturing -- and killed the so-called skinny repeal.

That covers off our Merck -- and US Health Care delivery system (Obamacare) -- beats. Now this -- notable this morning, because not enough of us know about it:

. . . .The parade took place on July 28, 1917 along New York City’s Fifth Avenue, and, as Google notes, the only sound “was the muffled beat of drums.” Google chose the Silent Parade for a Google Doodle to honor those whose silence resonates a century later. . . .

Now. . . go be woke. And have a meaningful Friday. Martin Shkreli may become a convicted felon later this afternoon, as well. Closing out, cold on him -- as well. Out.


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