Saturday, July 22, 2017

O/T: Just A Few Random Throw-Aways... Saturday .45 Special Edition

Ahem. We now have a sitting US President who cannot discern (and doesn't care to learn) the difference between the word "counsel" -- and the word "council". This is not the first time he has used the wrong version of that word in his tweets, but I note it today, since it points to a lack of focus -- a lack of rigor -- a stunning lack of. . . work ethic -- the work, of applying the gift (i.e., an education) he was given -- but plainly never. . . actually earned.

It may seem trivial or venial, even -- for my critique to start there. But truly it all goes decidedly downhill, from here. His tweet-storm this morning is a cornucopia of. . . nonsense.

He asks why Mr. Mueller is not investigating HRC for various things. Um. . . because the special COUNSEL (note spelling, Mr. Trump) has a limited charter. And it doesn't include looking at anything that is not related to complicity with Russian efforts to undermine our election -- but tellingly, it DOES INCLUDE looking at anyone's efforts to obstruct that investigation.

It is only focused on you, Mr. President, and your people -- precisely because it is not a fishing expedition. It is a focused look, at your ties to the Russian oligarchy. And yes, it plainly now includes looking into the financial incentives you (and your family empire) might have - to be complicit with that oligarchy's requests -- the American people, national security (and worldwide security). . . be damned.

Yes, Mr. President -- I am hinting at. . . treason. But I will let Mr. Mueller do his job. [And we all now know this is why we couldn't see your (and your family empire's) tax returns. But Mr. Mueller has, already -- I'll guarantee that much.] Your tweet about "no crime" perhaps unintentionally tellingly -- and thus ironically -- modified the phrase "no crime" with a "so far".

It may take Mr. Mueller six or seven more months, but I think you are right -- in that at least your "so far/yet" is clearly a wise turn of phrase.

There is so much more packed in to these completely deranged views, at right -- but I will close with just this: it is your duty, Mr. President to uphold the law. To explain to "so many people" that Mrs. Clinton holds no office; is not the focus of any bipartisan Congressional committee -- let alone a Special COUNSEL (that darn word again!) -- all because you FIRED the regular one. Finally, as if it even needed saying(!), no one else has threatened Mr. Mueller, by telling The New York Times that Trump family finances are a "red line" -- one the duly appointed Special Counsel Mueller ought not cross (despite the charter clearly authorizing EXACTLY that very inquiry). You are cooked, Mr. Trump. You just can't admit it "so far. . ." or. . . "YET". Or should I say. . . "nyet"?

Please do the nation a favor, and. . . step down, willingly. Nixon did (on far less egregious matters -- a bungled burglary of a DC hotel, to get Democratic secrets -- and the smoking gun was 18 minutes of missing audiotape). Not collusion with Russian oligarchs, to throw our election [where entire federal tax returns (thousands of pages -- which even Nixon made public) are "missing" -- from public view]. Step down, Mr. President.


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