Sunday, July 9, 2017

In Hawaii -- Re-Establishing That Grandparents are "Close Relatives" [Insanity Alert].

I've hinted at it before -- but now I am convinced of it. Mr. Trump has apparently instructed his underlings to violate the letter of the U.S. Supreme Court's order, of last month.

That was an order granting a hearing in October -- not resetting his authority in any form of broad terms. US immigration law has long held that grandparents are close relatives for the purpose of seeking asylum. Yet 45 now moves to exclude them -- from the six countries. The Supreme's cert. grant order was limited to preserving existing law -- not creating new law.

I will stop there for now -- but there is much more. The latest, from the very able US DC Judge Derrick K. Watson in Honolulu: "The Court is in receipt of Plaintiffs' Motion to Enforce or, In the Alternative, to Modify Preliminary Injunction. Dkt. No. 328. Defendants shall file their opposition by Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Plaintiffs shall file any reply by Wednesday, July 12, 2017. The parties' opposition and reply briefs are limited to no more than 15 pages each." And a bit from the motion, filed on Saturday (yesterday), out of the State of Hawaii:

. . . .One thing is clear: This Court should not permit the Government to flout its directives at the expense of countless Americans and their loved ones, and it possesses the authority to prevent the Government from so doing. . . .

As “partially limit[ed]” by “the Supreme Court’s order,” this Court’s injunction prohibits the Government from excluding aliens who have “a bona fide relationship with an individual or entity in the United States.” Slip Op. at 12. The Government cannot categorically exclude grandparents, nieces, or refugees with extensive ties to this country; and its ongoing efforts to do so should be enjoined. . . .

I predict he able Judge Watson will rule that Mr. Trump cannot treat grandparents any differently than "close family" -- they are close family. Now you know. Onward, on a glorious Wisconsin triathlete's top five finish Sunday morning! Smile. . .


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