Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Consider the Irony, Here: Merck Taps Texas State Funds For $6 Million...

In a few moments, I will have a new post up. That post will be a counterpoint to this happy news, from MSD and the Governor of Texas, overnight.

We are updating our April 2017 post -- to indicate that Merck has now secured the commitments for the $6.8 million in taxpayer funds it earlier sought.

[Snark] If I were a cynic, I would guess that this announcement was timed to blunt/blot out any coverage (even here, on this meager estate) of the far less favorable Kenilworth news out of San Jose, California. But I am earnestly trying to be. . . less cynical. Truly, I am [/snark]. Per the Austin Statesman, then:

. . . .Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday announced that Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. will move forward with plans to develop a major technology innovation center in Austin, becoming the key anchor for an innovation district developing around the Dell Medical School.

The global pharmaceutical titan made the announcement after the governor’s office announced it would provide the company a $6 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund. That grant comes on top of a 10-year, $856,000 city tax incentives package approved by the Austin City Council in April.

In return, Merck said it will create at least 600 jobs, paying an average annual salary of $84,586, and it would invest almost $29 million to build and equip the new innovation center. . . .

Do see my next post -- as we ponder how it is that massive (and wealthy) US companies regularly access the public fisc, even after clear findings of egregious misconduct, and abuse of the legal process.

Ponder that, indeed. I have much to say on it -- but will lay rest to the grace in my tongue, this luminous but clear dawn. . . I have much better things to spend my energy on -- and others will make this argument more eloquently than I might. Onward.


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