Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An Iceberg The Size Of... Delaware. In Antarctica...

Well -- we have been talking about this for two years. Most recently, last week.

The largest iceberg in recorded human history just calved from the Antarctic ice shelf. Here it is -- just now, from the Beeb:

. . . .An infrared sensor on the American space agency's Aqua satellite spied clear water in the rift between the shelf and the berg on Wednesday. The water is warmer relative to the surrounding ice and air - both of which are sub-zero.

"The rift was barely visible in these data in recent weeks, but the signature is so clear now that it must have opened considerably along its whole length," explained Prof Adrian Luckman, whose Project Midas at Swansea University has followed the berg's evolution most closely.

The event was confirmed by other spacecraft such as Europe's Sentinel-1 satellite-radar system.. . .

Now you know. But climate change is akin to flat Earth theory, according to Mr. Trump's EPA leaders [/snark]. Onward.


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