Thursday, June 15, 2017

YAWN: "Fish. Barrel. Shoot. Repeat." The (Not So) New Way Donald Trump Is Losing... America.

I'll devote only as much time and attention -- to 45 this morning, as his tweets merit -- which is to say. . . not much.

With multiple, independently sourced, very reliable news outlets reporting that the Special Counsel is in fact investigating Mr. Trump personally for (among other matters) obstruction of justice, I will simply let the imagery do the talking. Click at right, to embiggify.

Later today, we will see the next salvo of briefs in the US Supreme Court, on Muslim Ban 2.0.

I may add commentary on the Trump positions, post the Ninth Circuit ruling, as an update to this post -- since, as I say. . . there really isn't much substance in anything Mr. Trump tweets any longer. Now you know. Life does feel a bit like the Arizona desert, at dawn. . . of late -- thus the masthead reprint below. . . .


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