Friday, June 30, 2017

[U] In The "Truth Will Always Be Far Stranger" Department...

UPDATED: Friday at 5 PM EDT -- the simple answer, if this sort of fare interests you, is to go read the 250 or so comments, in the most recent three posts, at the Shkreli felony trial blawg I now author. Just way too much to cover here, on a topic that is at best only tangentially (and historically) related to the Merck focus here. Do click this link. It was a nutty day, in Brooklyn to be sure. [End, update.]

We are presently awaiting reliable word on what Mr. Hassan was asked -- on direct -- but I would bet it included confirming the testimony of his daughter, of yesterday.

That testimony said that Mr. Shkreli was throwing the elder Mr. Hassan's name around, to try and woo investors in Mr. Shkreli's various ventures -- and was doing so with a knowing (mens re) falsity. That, I bet is what he's here to confirm -- since Mr. Brafman so helpfully opened the door (for the prosecution), by berating the witness yesterday, on truthfulness, among other matters.

We will of course report, when we know more -- but consider this a great placeholder.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shkreli took the lunch break to berate the press pool, in the overflow room -- calling the Eastern District of NY US Attorney's Office the "Junior Varsity" team... before Mr. Brafman could drag him away. Charming.

Mr. Shkreli also said he didn't consider taking any plea deal. I'd bet. . . none was offered, short of "you'll do twenty."

Off-grid for a bit now -- may not update this, until the end of the day, today. So do check MSM reports (mentioned in tweet at right) by about 3 PM EDT. Whoosh!


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