Sunday, June 4, 2017

O/T: Josephine Baker Would Have Turned 111 Last Night...

I saw some genuinely excellent local musical theater last night here.

If you are passing through the city of big shoulders before the end of June, do grab a ticket -- "Black Pearl" (tix) runs until then.

it is truly a thrill ride -- even if you know her story -- and her connection to Princess Grace of Monaco.

A bit then:

. . .We travel across the ocean to Oui Paris to tell the story of one of the most dynamic performers the world has ever seen. Written and directed by Associate Director Daryl Brooks, The Black Ensemble Presents “Black Pearl: The Story of Josephine Baker.” This show takes us through the life of the first black international superstar, beginning with her meager beginnings to the star power of one of the most iconic figures that the world has ever seen. . . .

And in the mean time -- until you get tickets at the Black Ensemble Theater -- do enjoy this short Vimeo homage, one and all.


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