Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It Turns Out That Sarah Hassan Will Be A Witness -- For One Side Or Another(!), In Martin Shkreli's Felony Trial -- In Brooklyn...

We have been covering various federal felony criminal trial related matters as to Mr. Shkreli, quite closely (especially via our bevy of erstwhile commenters!), at our other property.

Just now, in Brooklyn, the defense indicated in its opening statement that one Sarah Hassan, daughter of Fred Hassan (yes, that "Fast" Fred Hassan -- and this same guy, who called himself Mr. Hassan's protege), will be the "number one witness" -- I take it he means she will be the first prosecution witness. I cannot imagine that Mr. Brafman, for the defense, intends to call her, in Mr. Shkreli's defense. But this whole train ride. . . has been. . . surreal. So we will have to see.

Either way, we will let you know how that goes, likely by late tomorrow. Mr. Brafman also made mention of Brent Saunders "betting on the genius" of Martin Shkreli. Yes, that Mr. Saunders. Same guy.

This eight count felony trial may yet turn out to be some kind of an "old home week", for ex Schering-Plough executive folks, under Fred Hassan's tenure. I literally couldn't make this stuff up -- if I tried.

We do have it on very reliable word that Dr. Thomas Koestler will not be on either side's witness list though. Now you know.


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