Thursday, March 16, 2017

While It Is Well, With My Soul, That Checks And Balances Work...

. . .I find myself rather profoundly saddened this morning, as I board the plane. [Perhaps I should be feeling more upbeat -- that the judiciary branch is functioning exactly as it ought -- 240 years on.]

I do deeply appreciate what Mr. Hamilton, et al., left us -- for protection, against would-be tyrants.

And yet, I think it demeans our nation, on the world stage, to have a President who is so manifestly unfit for office. [It doesn't speak well for the level of sophistication -- minus some three million votes -- of our electorate, either.]

In sum, I see little evidence that 45 can contain his own ill-founded, hateful rhetoric (for the purpose of governing) in a manner that comports with our Constitution -- and his duties thereunder. [He is a forever candidate -- like Bryan, of a century ago.]

More ominously, for however many months 45 is able to hold the office, I worry that he doesn't even comprehend the Constitution's schema, nor his place inside it. His near maniacal ravings in Nashville, after he learned of the clearly correct decision in Hawaii (and now, in Maryland, as well). . . does not bode well for his Presidency.

His health care ideas are being retooled as I type this, in the House, because (as ever) he has made promises to the American people -- ones that he manifestly cannot keep. [I wonder if he is tired of. . . losing, yet.]

For the weekend, we will return to our masthead that predated much of this. It is a reminder that we as a nation will thrive -- with or without him.


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Anonymous said...

Though you know my origins, I can't help but lament this:

condor said...

He is a Luddite -- pure and simple.

More when I'm off the dodgy in flight wi fi. . . But know that I am presently preparing a challenge -- on that front as well. . . .

Smile. . . . namaste.

condor said...

Here in sunny LA, watching NU thump Vandy late in the second half -- Go Cats!

And an ear to ear grin...