Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Now Expecting Overflow Crowds -- Three Federal Courtrooms Full -- Of Galleries... Like 600 People, In Honolulu...

I imagine that the Hawaii District hasn't seen as much interest in any trial level proceeding in a generation at least.

We learn overnight, local time, that the able Judge Derrick Watson has authorized remote broadcast of an audio feed, into two adjacent courtrooms. In the federal system, US District courtrooms are vast, and cavernous. I expect each will hold a gallery of around 200 people, tightly packed. [Here is the what the good people of Hawaii have answered the Trump Administration, as the plaintiffs' latest restatement -- in favor of the TRO, as filed tonight. Do read all 34 pages, in prep for the oral arguments. ". . . .The 1965 Immigration Act reflects the determination that such considerations are irrelevant. . . . President Kennedy urged Congress to dismantle the national origins system because “discriminat[ing]” in admission “on the basis of accident of birth” was “without basis in either logic or reason. . . .” Congress concurred. . . ." Br. of NAPABA 13-18 (Dkt. 140-1)."]

So, as many as 600 onlookers will likely see (and at least hear) how our system of ordered liberty -- of checks and balances -- actually operates. They will see the majesty of the law -- that these bedrock ideas, passed to us by the Founders -- they rise above mere. . . . men's artifice -- and caprice. Several dozen of them will be media bloggers, with credentials to transcribe in real time. We will update you, from those feeds, tomorrow evening -- in near real time:

. . . . Judicial Conference of the United States policy allows a judge to authorize broadcasting of court proceedings to adjacent areas for the purpose of judicial administration. Consistent with that policy, the Court hereby authorizes the audio of the hearing on Plaintiffs' motion for temporary restraining order, set for March 15, 2017 at 9:30 a.m., to be broadcast in up to two adjacent courtrooms to the extent necessary to accommodate public interest. . . .

Onward. . . . ever, onward. We will henceforth simply "seek to do the right, as we see the right. . . ." [Bonus: who can identify the speaker of that fine bon mot? Hint: he was not an American.]


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