Saturday, March 11, 2017

More On This, In The Coming Week -- By Wednesday Night...

The very able Judge Robart in Seattle informed the government that its latest "notice" is essentially of no legal effect, on Friday -- while also telling the plaintiffs that they need to get a formal motion on file by Wednesday, in order to extend the TRO nationwide.

All of which means that US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, in Honolulu, will almost certainly be the first to enter a new nationwide TRO against 45's Muslim Ban 2.0. Stay tuned at mid-week.

[A judge in Wisconsin has enjoined it, but solely as to one Syrian family in transit to America -- and their specific circumstances, already -- but there is no nationwide order enjoining it, yet.]

I expect to be able to report to you about that occurrence, by St. Patrick's Day 2017. [Here is the smoking gun.] Onward, and goodnight. . . with a grin. . . .


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